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  • Walsall Hospital Radio
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1984: Radio Lions/WHR

Like many broadcasters I started off in Hospital Radio - at the tender age of 15, which was actually younger than the official allowed age.

St Johns Block

At the time I joined, the station had already moved into its second home in the St Johns Block of the Hospital.

The time before email!

In those days mail was distributed to volunteers in the old fashioned way, by pidgeon hole rather than electronically.

78's and 45's

Much of the stations music library was still vinyl with hundreds of 78's and 45's and only a small smattering of CD's.

"Go and shake some tins!"

The lifeblood of any charity - cash! As important as the broadcasting was the collecting, and all volunteers were expected to do their bit.

The nerve centre

The main studio where most programming originated from, which was kept running through the dedication of the stations volunteer engineers.

1988: BRMB Birmingham

After many unsucceful attempts I finally landed some freelance work as a technical operator at BRMB in Aston, Birmingham.

From TO to DJ...

After "driving" lots of pre-recorded programmes I eventually moved into freelance presenting providing holiday and sick cover on various programmes.

...and back to TO

Unfortunately the stations programme controller refused me a regular presenting slot and I found myself back "driving" programmes including the Sports show.

1989: XTRA-AM

New legislation required radio stations with split frequencies to relinquish one of them for use by other operators - XTRA-AM was born!

Two stations in one building

XTRA-AM broadcast from the studio next door to the now FM only BRMB service, and I continued to freelance for both stations.

XTRA-AM Jingles

A selection of some of the stations identity package.

1992: Buzz FM

I finally got my first break as a regular daytime presenter after a rather unusual interview at Buzz FM with new owner Chris Carey.

"You're on in 20 minutes!"

After the briefest of chats with the maverick station boss I was told I would be doing the mid morning show and was thrown on air with virtually no preparaion.

On Air - Off Air!

After that succesful "interview" I went on to present the mid-morning show for almost a year, until Mr Carey eventually plugged the plug on the station - literally!

And Back On Air

The station was off air, but returned to the airwaves two weeks later under the new management of music and jingle mogul Muff Murfin from new premises in Birmingham.

The final year of Buzz FM

During its last year the station sounded its very best despite many difficulties, and I enjoyed presenting weekday Drivetime and the UK Dance Chart.

Gone but not forgotten

Buzz FM ceased broadcasting on December 31st 1994, replaced by new license winner Choice FM. The old Buzz advert can still be seen in Birmingham today.

Buzz FM Dance Chart

Aircheck download of the Buzz FM Dance Chart.

1995: Kix 96 Coventry

Shortly before the closure of Buzz FM the owner, Muff Murfin, had purchased Radio Harmony in Coventry and planned to relaunch it as Kix 96.

To Birmingham from Coventry

In fact, for the final few weeks of 1994, Buzz was broadcasting not from the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, but from the Radio Harmony studios in Coventry.

Kix 96 on 102.6?

Kix originally launched using Radio Harmony's old frequency of 102.6 - but eventually gained approval to change to 96.2.

Proper Studios

It was great to be in decent studios again and I enjoyed presenting Drivetime and the West Midlands Chart Show during my time there.

Today's Best Music

Whilst at Kix I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the biggest music stars of the time as part of the "Drivetime Guest List".

The Drivetime Guest List

Amongst some of the notable names of stars passing through the studios were Erasure, Jimmy Somerville, Peter Andre, Ant & Dec and Backstreet Boys.

Kix 96 Jingles

A selection of some of the stations identity package.

1996: FM102 The Bear, Stratford upon Avon

In 1996 I was headhunted for the new Independent Local Radio station to be based in Stratford upon Avon and due to start broadcasting for South Warwickshire & The Vale of Evesham from May 1996.

Heading South

The attraction of a Breakfast slot, together with the challenge of launching a new station was too much to resist, so I moved south to Shipston on Stour, 10 miles from Stratford upon Avon.

Four years at breakfast

I presented Weekday Breakfast and Sunday Mid Morning which included the resurrected "Find-A-Phonebox" from BRMB. I eventually became Head of Music & Programming.

FM102 The Bear Station Launch

Aircheck of the stations launch in 1996.

2000: Cotswold Computers

After 13 years in radio it was time for a change. Having become rather settled in Shipston I had developed the idea of starting my own business initially as a part time venture.


Starting off slowly as a sole trader the business grew steadily over a few years and by 2005 had become a Limited Company with several employed staff.


After much debate about suitable locations, Cotswold Computers opened its second site in Bourton on the Water in an industrial unit with increased space.

Shipston Floods

In the Summer of 2007 the worst freak flooding in 50 years submerged Shipston - Cotswold Computers along with it - putting the premises out of action for 6 months. Fortunately we were able to continue trading from our Bourton site.


2008 saw recession hit the UK and the IT industry was hit hard. In addition the Bourton venture was becoming costly and unsustainable. This inevitably led to the closure of the second site and contraction of the business in order to survive.

Present Day

In July 2018, after 18 years of running Cotswold Computers, I decided the time was right to sell my business in readiness for a new challenge.

About Me

I grew up in Tamworth, Staffordshire and have previously lived in Birmingham and Wolverhampton.


Since 1996 I have been based in Shipston on Stour - about 10 miles south of Stratford upon Avon on the northern edge of the Cotswolds. Having originally moved here for radio work, I decided to settle in the town and forge my own business in 2000.

Film, TV & Tech

I am a big movie buff, and love to watch a good film. So much so that an entire floor of the house is devoted to a Film Library and Cinema! I also enjoy many TV shows, a wide variety of music and have a keen interest in technology.


I spend a fair bit of time gaming, mostly on PC but also table top games. My particular genre of choice is Strategy Games like the Total War franchise, but I also dabble in MMORPG titles such as World of Warcraft.


For many years I have been a keen dog lover and owner, with a particular fondness for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Currently Josh is part of the family.

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